Infant Massage

Infant Massage: Happy Babies, Happy Families
Communicating love through nurturing touch

Learn to massage your baby! Massage techniques are taught to promote nurturing touch and communication between parent and baby. Classes are baby-led, and massage is done with baby’s permission. Parents learn the strokes on their own babies; instructor demonstrates on a doll. Class also includes some yoga postures for parents to help relieve neck, back, and shoulder tension. Class is ideal for pre-crawling babies.

Infant Massage is….

Great for Babies:
**Promotes attachment to parent
**Encourages relaxation
**Promotes better sleep
**Helps baby feel loved

Great for Parents:
**Learn techniques to comfort and soothe their babies
**Learn to understand and respond to baby’s cues
**Provides an additional avenue for close and nurturing contact

Class Schedule

I currently teach this class privately to small groups only. Classes are scheduled every week over the course of 5 weeks, and each class is one hour long. I teach a maximum of 5 families per small group. Get in touch, and we can arrange to have a session either in your home or in my studio space.

Why I teach infant massage

I learned about infant massage when my daughter was just a few weeks old. She was suffering from colic, and I was desperate to help her. My husband and I used some of the tummy massage techniques for many, many months.
A few years later, I decided to learn more about infant massage because many of the new moms in my yoga classes were looking for other ways to connect with and soothe their babies. I became an infant massage educator and started to teach basic massage strokes during my postnatal (mommy and me) yoga classes. I still massage my now four year-old daughter at night before bed and am honored to teach this method of nurturing touch to other families.